With a bag of Frame coffee, you get 16 ounces of beans, one pound, instead of the usual 12 ounces of coffee beans. That's 25% more coffee, less waste and lower shipping.


A year-round, crowd-pleasing offering that embodies our double focus on both producer and consumer

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Keep It Wild

A year-round offering that invokes and supports the Texas wild, as 10% of earnings goes to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

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Mainstay Sample Pack

Enjoy a 4oz sampling of each Mainstay coffee to introduce you to the flavors of Frame—20oz total

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A year-round offering from Central America, highlighting familiar flavors from the soil of our neighbors

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Nuts & Bolts

A year-round offering that is robust and full-bodied, redeeming the less-than-great reputation that dark coffee carries

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A year-round, natural-process offering with a fruit-forward profile that is vibrant and expressive

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Steeped Packs

"Keep It Wild!" single-serve steeped bags are packaged individually with compostable materials and allow you to enjoy specialty coffee anywhere, anytime

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