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Bi-Focal | $20

A year-round, crowd-pleasing offering that embodies our double focus on both producer and consumer

Bi-focal is a coffee honoring the close relationship between farmer and roaster, designed to be enjoyed regularly. The balance of this medium roast makes it a versatile coffee that is complex, yet inviting, a favorite for all types of coffee palates. We invite you to enjoy this coffee hot or cold, at home or on the go, and to remember that you’re a part of the story with each sip.

Airscape® pricing
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16oz capacity
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*Bi-Focal pricing in all Frame Airscapes is $10/lb (half of the retail price)
Our pricing
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$ per 16oz bag
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$ per 10fl oz brewed cup
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$ per 12oz bag
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• All orders roasted on Thursdays, packed and shipped on Fridays

• Every Thursday, we roast a little more coffee than what has been ordered to keep a few bags available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we have enough inventory to fullfill your order, we will pack and ship your coffee before the end of the week.

• As we grow, we will be able to accomodate additional roast days to our week as increased volume allows, but for now, this is the best way for us to keep all our coffee fresh and convenient. We look forward to growing with you and making our coffee even more accessible.

Tasting notes

Toffee, Cola, Peaches

Roast level



Fully Washed

The Story

Bi-Focal is our original house roast. It’s how we got our start in roasting and what inspired us to start Frame. Named for our bi-directional focus toward the producer and consumer, the story of this coffee is less about us and more about the people who are a part of the process.

Currently Sourced From Uganda

Coffee is more vibrant when the beans are fresh. To keep this roast available year-round, we update our sourcing seasonally, while roasting to maintain the same flavor profile. This allows us to roast an offering that is affordable for the consumer, while still honoring the producers we partner with.

A Balanced, Crowd-Pleasing Coffee

A medium roasted coffee that maintains a sweet balance of acidity and creamy body, bi-focal is reminiscent of sitting down for the afternoon with a good friend. With tasting notes of toffee, cola and peaches, it has both depth and freshness.


With a bag of Frame coffee, you get 16 ounces of beans, one pound, instead of the usual 12 ounces of coffee beans. That's 25% more coffee, less waste and lower shipping.